Kids and Adult Karate Classes.

Our dojo is the Singaporean Branch of the Japanese Inoue-ha Shito-ryu Keishin-Kai.

Our services
Karate Classes for Kids.

We provide kids karate classes for 4 years old kids and above.

Our sportive training focuses on movement development, coordination improvement, reaction, balance, and more.
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Karate Classes for Adults.

We welcome all adults keen to learn karate and self-defense. Improve confidence without any age or level limit.

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Kobudo Classes for Adults.

We welcome all adults keen to learn Kobudo to complement their karate skills.

No prior kobudo experience is required.
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Mask-off Training are back

Mask-off training are back New safe-distancing measures in phase 3 (heightened Alert) We are delighted to announce that mask-off and children training are back. Under Phase 3 Heightened

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Karate Classes for Kids

shudokan karate for kids
We provide karate classes for kids starting from the age of 4 years old.

Kids Karate Class – Focus:

  • movement development
  • coordination improvement
  • reaction
  • balance
  • cross-dominance
  • martial art

Kids Karate Class - typical schedule:

Weekdays from 5.30 pm
Weekends from 9.00 am
shudokan karate for kids

Karate Classes for Adults

We expect karate-kas of any level who are keen to:
  • Learn Karate and self-defense
  • Master the latest Inoue-ha Shito-Ryu style 
  • Improve confidence
  • Increase stamina, cardio and strength
  • train several times per week

Karate Classes for Adults…

…is performed in a fully matted dojo with all martial art equipment you need.

Karate Classes for Adults - Typical Schedule

Weekdays from 7.30 pm

Kobudo Class

Besides karate classes, we also provide Kobudo training, which is an Okinawan martial art focused on weapons.
  • We expect beginners to join us
  • First, we master the traditional weapon, the Bo, then later, we master other weapons, such as Sai, Tonfa, Eku, etc.

Mastering Kobudo significantly improves and complements your karate skills.


Kobudo Class - Typical Schedule

Saturdays from 11.15 am and 4 pm

Where are the Karate Classes?


Our bright karate dojo is fully matted and is approximately 16 x 8 meters. Furthermore, it is fully equipped with weights, sandbags, punching pads, hence we have everything you need for a karate class or any martial art training.

Our karate dojo is less than 10 minutes walk either from Lavender MRT or from Bendemeer MRT stations.

Karate Dojo for Rent?

Interested in renting a place for your own training? When we are not pushing it hard, you can come and rent our dojo. Go to to inquire.