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I was Hayashi Sensei’s only assistant. We used to go over Kihon again and again every day….over and over.

Yoshimi Inoue

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Who is Soke Inoue?

Yoshimi Inoue was born in Tottori, Japan in 1946 where he started karate at age 16.

When he became 18 years old, he traveled to Osaka, where he became an “uchi deshi” of Soke Hayashi. In particular, he is the only “uchi deshi” Soke Hayashi ever had.

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I used to clean the dojo, the toilets and the office and then do my training until about lunchtime. After eating I’d do some more training and then the students would come at about four or five in the afternoon, so I’d teach them. When they’d finished training I’d do some more training. Pretty much training all day.

Soke Yoshimi Inoue
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Hombu Dojo

Years later, Soke Inoue was called back to Tottori due to the illness of his father. However, since Yoshimi desired to carry on with karate, Hayashi encouraged him to open a dojo.

Accordingly, Yoshimi did so and his dojo became a branch in the Hayashi-ha Shito-ryu style.

Soke Inoue is the youngest in the history of the Japanese Karate Federation (JKF), who has been awarded with the 8th Dan. He was a Japanese National Team Coach and later the advisor. Moreover, he was an advisor to other national teams and served on the Japan Karate Federation Board of Examiners.

Soke Inoue remained loyal to Hayashi-ha throughout his lifetime. Besides, Yoshimi has founded Inoue-ha Shito-ryu Keishin-kai, incorporating his own knowledge and experience, after the death of his teacher in 2004.

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source: http://www.internationalshitoryu.com
shudokan karate mia nakayama world champion
Sensei Mie Nakayama

Over the years, Soke Inoue became much sought after the Tottori Hombu dojo trained over 20 world champions from a variety of karate styles. This started with Sensei Mie Nakayama, the 3-time world champion of female kata. She has been one of the most highly accomplished female karate competitors in the world.

Most recently, at the 2012 World Karate Federation Championships, a history has been made when both the Female (Rika Usami) and Male (Antonio Diaz) kata champions were from the same karate organization.

shudokan karate rika usami
Rika Usami
shudokan karate antonio diaz
Antonio Diaz