Karate Classes for Kids

Spirit first, technique second.

Gichin Funakoshi (founder of Shotokan Karate)

Classes from 4 years old


We conduct karate classes for kids in a safe and conducive environment. Our two Senseis are leading the training (if COVID-19 and safe distancing measures do not interrupt), and the children receive more attention with the low students to instructors ratio.

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The class promotes movement development, coordination, reaction, balance, cross dominance, confident building and lots of fun.

Starts from 4 years old.

We also provide parent and child karate bonding classes.

Joyful Training

While we love Karate, we know it is boring for the kids in the long run. Therefore, our training includes many joyful and sportive activities that have no direct connection to Karate. However, they significantly improve all the skills (e.g., coordination, balance) required for, basically, any sport activities when they grow up.


Kata is a Japanese word describing the detailed patterns (forms) of movements inherent to karate. It is usually done solo but it is also conducted in pairs to demonstrate the situation behind a move. The latter one is called Bunkai. We teach kids for the Inoue-ha Kata style, which constitutes an important part in the grading.


At this age, it is of utmost importance to introduce Kumite (sparring) to the kids and let them acquire the feeling of punching and kicking, and gain confidence.


Grading is a natural development process in Karate, where everyone starts from the white belt (9th kyu in our Inoue-ha Shito-ryu style) symbolizing the superficial knowledge of the given Karate style.

Later on, the deeper your knowledge is, the darker your belt becomes (until 1st kyu, which is the brown belt).

After we obtained all colored belts, we can aim for a black belt (1st dan) symbolizing that we have mastered all the basics and fundamentals of Karate with proficiency.

We also provide grading for all our members.
Certificates and black belts are officially coming from Japanese Inoue-ha Shito-ryu Keishin-kai.

Prices for Kids Karate Class

Kids Karate Class

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S$ 100 Monthly
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  • One session per week
  • 10% Family Discount (2+)
  • One time registration fee of S$ 20


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