Kobudo Class

If you train only kobudo it’s ok, but if you do both karate and kobudo then you will be better.

Takehiro Gaja (9th Dan Uechi-Ryu)

Kobudo literally translated as "old martial way"


Just like our karate classes, Kobudo classes are conducted in safe and conducive environment.

We welcome everyone interested in Kobudo from all levels. Our current class has recently launched and we start from the basics.





In general, Kobudo contains several weapons, including Bo staff, tonfa, eku, etc.

We start with the Bo first, which allows us to build the foundation for handling a weapon. After mastering the basic skills, we also learn how our gained knowledge can be adapted to any weapon.


With the kobudo training, we not only learn how to use weapons but also how to defend against those weapons.

All the movements are strongly connected to karate…no wonder why Okinawan Karate and Kobudo should never be considered as two distinct things.

Each of them complements the other.

Prices for Adult Kobudo Class

Adult Kobudo Class

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S$ 35 Per Session
  • Free Trial
  • Introductory Price
  • One session per week
  • Saturday Morning or Afternoon