Competitions We Participated

We not only participate but also support national venues.

Our dojo is also affiliated with the Karate-Do Union of Singapore (KUS)

KGS International Championship 2019

Shudokan Karate was honoured to be invited again. KGS International is well received and participation came from neighbouring countries.

Two members took part in the championship.

Two Bronzes were won and congrats to the winners. Well done! A note of thanks to KGS for the invitation.

KGS International Championship 2018

Shudokan Karate was honoured to be invited. The championship saw participation from neighbouring countries and was a good exposure for our members. Competition was strong and we managed to secure 2 Bronzes. Congrats to all and we look forward to next year event. A note of thanks to Karate-do Goju-kai Singapore for the invitation.

KUS Annual Championship 2018

Shudokan Karate supported the event with participation in various categories.

Members had a good time, fought hard and won 3 Golds and 2 Bronzes.

Congrats to all!

KUS International Open Championship 2017

Shudokan Karate was out in force for The KUS International Open Championship 2017.

The members had fun and did their best winning 2 bronzes.

Congrats to the all.