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Our fully matted dojo is around 130 sqm,  and fully equipped with everything needed for any martial art training.


Our bright dojo is fully matted and is approximately 16 x 8 meters (~130 square meters = ~1400 square feet).

Brand new Mat

Regardless of doing Karate training or learning Judo, MMA, Tae Kwon Do or any other martial art, our brand new mats keep you safe from serious injuries.

Furthermore, being 3 cm thick, they provide a very good grip.

shudokan karate dojo accessories sandbags


Training with sandbags is very common among martial artists to improve strength and condition. In contrast to traditional weight lifting and gym exercises, sandbag training focuses on multiple muscle groups and complement natural body movements during martial arts.

We have 3 sandbags in total of different sizes and weights to accommodate martial artists from all ages and levels.


The makiwara (巻藁) is a padded striking post used as a training tool in various styles of traditional karate.

Similarly to boxing, makiwara is used by karatekas to practice strikes. Accordingly, it improves striking ability by letting the user to experience the feel of punches, kicks or other (combined) strikes.

Once your punch bounces off the makiwara easily, then you know your punch was poor and your body was not in the right position to support the energy generated by your punch. Then, it’s time to improve your stance, too 🙂

Jumping boxes

Box jump training is a plyometric training developing your main lower-body muscles including quads, calves, glutes, and hamstrings.

Jumping on boxes and increasing the height step-by-step not only make you faster, but also make you stronger and springier.

Last but not least, doing the jumping much more than just a few seconds also raises your heart rate and can burn calories like crazy.

Dance bar

While the naming sounds quite off topic regarding martial arts, it still captures the most when telling this to someone 🙂

If we call it stretching or balancing bar, then it helps you better to imagine what it can provide you. In particular, while it helps a lot at stretching at the end of the training, it also supports beginners learning some basic movements. For instance, mastering the way how a proper ‘ura mawashi geri’ (a.k.a. hook kick) should be carried out.

Dojo Essentials

We also provide all the essentials required for any martial art. We have punching and kicking pads, fist and feet guards, cones, pull-up bars, etc.

Kobudo Weapon Wall

Due to the increasing demand for our Kobudo class, now, our members can store their bo staffs in the dojo.

The new Kobudo weapon wall does not only make our dojo look even tidier but provides a huge comfort and convenience for our members; they don’t have to always bring their bo staffs to the training then bring it back home. Of course, we encourage our members to practice at home as well but not everyone has sufficient space to do so.

shudokan karate dojo accessories chinup bars

Chin up bars

We have mounted our Chin Up Bars that are great to perform pull-ups and chin-ups.

They can be easily relocated/rotated to do pushing and core training.

In general, the chin up bars provide you to do various pull up grip positions (wide grip, reverse grip, close grip, and hammer grip) that work on your compound muscles for fast, maximum results!

It is very important to develop our back, chest, shoulders, lats, biceps, triceps, and forearms using our own body’s weight as a  resistance.

How to get to the Dojo

Our dojo is less than 10 minutes walk either from Lavender MRT or from Bendemeer MRT stations. Once you reach the building, take the elevator, go up to the 6th floor, and take a left…you won’t miss it .


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