Mask-off training are back

New safe-distancing measures in phase 3 (heightened Alert)

We are delighted to announce that mask-off and children training are back. Under Phase 3 Heightened Alert, Sport Singapore is providing updated guidance on the safe management measures (SMMs) for sport and physical exercise & activity. The key points (effect from 21 June 2021) that affect us the most are the following:
  • The allowed group size from 2 people is back to 5
  • Indoor physical activities resume with the mask allowed to be removed during strenuous activities
  • Common equipment can be provided, i.e., we can use punching pads, fist guards, sandbags, jumping boxes, etc.
  • However, during mask-off activities, the maximum allowed group size is still 2. This means that, for instance, we can slowly conduct Kumite training but pairs remain and cannot be mixed
  • According to our dojo‘s size, at most, 12 people can train at 0nce. This number increased from the previously allowed 8.