Safe Distancing in the Dojo

Safety is important for us

We always follow the safe-distancing guidelines of the respective authorities.

shudokan karate safe distance
shudokan karate safe distance

Update - 16/04/2021

From 14th June according to Sports Singapore Advisory, the dojo can admit 13 trainees base on our 130 sqm floor area each being in a 10 sqm area.


Regardless of the actual measures, we also always take temperature measurements upon arrival.


Last but not least, everyone has to check in via the Safe Entry through TraceTogether.

Safe Distancing in the Dojo

Following the Sport Singapore’s Advisory For Resumption Of Sport And Physical Exercise & Activity For Phase Three (“Safe Nation”), since January 2021:

  • We do not have to form different groups of 8 people but during the trainings all players have to maintain a distance of 1 M in every direction to one another.
  • Wearing masks is required all the time  in the dojo except during the actual training when we do the physical exercises.
  • Temperature measurement is taken upon arrival and checking in via Safe Entry is compulsory for proper contact tracing.